How sneaky are you today?

Slide between 0-10 to tell us how sneaky you are today

Jeez, that's not sneaky at all! Get on the Warriors to win the NBA. Print screen & share to mates!

Hmm a little sneakier...Tom Brady isn't that old...Patriots to win the Superbowl!

I can feel your sneakiness growing. Neymar has gone down with a leg injury (again), fade Brazil!

5 leg multis look odds on for you today! $2 max stake. S-S-S Super Sneak, Super Sneaky!

Wooooooah you're half way there, take a multi and anchor Benoit Paire!

It's raining. You've prodded the missus out of the house with an umbrella and loaded up on the unders!

You've told your mates you are on Penguins when in reality you are on the Capitals. You win either way!

Your sneakiness is rising, how long since Tiger Woods won a tournament? Heard he was good with holes!

Stolen your missus credit card to get your 3rd set of signup bonuses. Cycling looks good. Is Lance Armstrong racing?

It's 3.17am. The underdog you have just backed and are railing in the O70's Welsh Lawn Bowls is an absolute moral!